3-Month Unlimited Basic Tanning Certificate from Purely Peaceful (New Members Only)

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Up for auction is a 3-Month Unlimited Basic Tanning Certificate from Purely Peaceful (New Members Only)!


This 3-month package is set to allow you to use ALL our levels of tanning beds.  Our level one bed is a Sundash 332 Pro 1 Bed and considered a starter bed having thirty 100-watt bulbs and a facial unit.  This is great for those who don’t tan well and are just starting their base.  Our level two bed is an ErgoLine Classic 450 Bed.  It has forty-one 160-watt bulbs and a surround facial unit.  Our level three bed is a Solarforce 648.  This bed has fifty-five 100-watt bulbs with a surround facial unit.
Our level four bed is our only stand-up bed and is very popular with many for the idea you can’t miss a spot.  It is a Sundazzler 2M, with fifty 230-watt bulbs, but no special facial unit.  Our most popular bed is our level five bed.  A Wolff Bronzing Sun has fifty-four 200-watt bulbs and a surround facial unit.  In addition, it has bulbs at the top to help tan your shoulders as well.


Our prices start at $20 per month for our level one bed working all the way up to our level 5 bed of $40 per month.  Great monthly plans are available.
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