(2) Half Hour Guitar Lessons from Binghamton Guitar Lessons ($50 value) - New Students Only

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Up for auction is (2) Half Hour Guitar Lessons from Binghamton Guitar Lessons ($50 value). Lessons are private, one on one sessions, with customized lesson plans based on the student's interests and goals. Note: Offer Valid For New Students Only

Whether you are a beginning guitarist who needs a helpful, supportive hand in getting started, or an intermediate to advanced guitar player feeling stuck and struggling to take your guitar playing to the next level, Binghamton Guitar Lessons is here to help you! Lessons taught by experienced teacher - Paul Tauterouff. Visit: http://binghamtonguitarlessons.com to learn more.

Here is what people are saying about Binghamton Guitar Lessons:

"Teaching chords and songs is par for the course, it's what any guitar teacher should be able to do. Infecting a student with your own enthusiasm is something entirely different and something that not everyone could have pulled off. It is the difference between a student "picking up" a guitar once in a while and making the instrument an integral part of their lives, for the rest of their lives. So. you have in a very real sense changed my life."- Ed F.

"I started off with absolutely no guitar experience. Paul (the teacher) is very patient and supportive. He takes the time to be encouraging and makes you comfortable, regardless of your skill level. I would recommend Paul to anyone just starting out with guitar." - Leia O.
NOTE: New Students Only

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