AromaEnergy Relaxation Session from Purely Peaceful

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Up for auction is a AromaEnergy Relaxation Session from Purely Peaceful!

The AromaEnergy Technique combats four systemic constants: stress, toxic insult, inflammation, and autonomic imbalance.

AromaEnergy is the integration of Aromatouch and Energy Therapy

The AromaEnergy Relatation Session is the light application of Young Living Essential oils which reaches deep into the senses to Relax and Rejuvenate the Body and Soul to the core! The Reiki Energy Work Balances, cleanses, and restores the nature homeostasis of the body, mind and soul to assist in full body healing!

Most individuals encounter factors in daily life, from both their internal and external environment, that have negative effects on their overall health and well being. These negative disturbances cause an imbalance in homeostasis, the natural balance of body systems and health. Homeostasis is the natural state of Such challenges, even when they do not directly result in disease, cause our bodies to function at a sub-optimal level. The AromaEnergy Technique works to restore homeostasis, and minimize the impact of these factors. Four systemic constants that most often impair homeostasis are: Stress, Emotional distress, career choices, family discord, financial worries, lack of rest, etc. all elevate stress levels in the body. Elevated stress levels, maintained over time, have been shown in clinical studies to cause negative consequences to health. Studies have revealed that over time high stress levels can contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease, depression, insomnia, and ulcers.

Stress also negatively impacts the immune system, leaving it increasingly vulnerable to pathogens. Stress causes the body to increase its production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in charge of vital nervous system functions. Elevated serotonin levels are harmful to the body’s immunity. While serotonin works to monitor emotional and nerve health at normal levels, at elevated levels it can destroy white blood cells, resulting in a weakened immune system. Stress also causes increased levels of cortisol and epinephrine in body, further weakening immune response.

While many essential oils have been proven to counteract the negative effects of stress, both the essential oil blend Balance and the essential oil Lavender have specific calming effects on body systems.



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