(2) Half Hour Voice Lessons from Binghamton Singing Lessons ($60 value) - New Students Only

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Up for auction is (2) Half Hour Voice Lessons from Binghamton Singing Lessons ($60 value). Lessons are private, one on one sessions, with customized lesson plans based on the student's interests and goals. Note: Offer Valid For New Students Only

Your Best Choice for Voice Lessons in the Binghamton Area

Here are just a few of the reasons why! 

Fun lessons based on Hybrid Vocal Training Techniques so that your voice will become stronger and improve rapidly 

You can record your lessons for home practice in between sessions 

Supportive, effective teacher to keep you motivated and moving forward

Spacious, private teaching studio for a productive learning envronment

Get The Results You Want - Save yourself time, frustration and money!!!

Pro Tools Recording Studio - track your progress or record your demo

Improve your singing voice for any style - rock, pop, country, blues, folk 

Learn tips and tricks to maintain a strong, healthy voice

Performance opportunities and stage coaching available for students who would like to perform live (or already do) 

"I recommend voice lessons with Paul because he explains things in a way that makes sense." 
-Kelli Rose

"Paul is not only a knowledgeable teacher he makes learning fun and I have left every lesson excited about what I have learned..."
-Robert Cron 

"Paul has a very welcoming demeanor. He is not only knowledgeable in his craft, but makes learning fun! I would recommend Paul to anyone from beginner to beyond."
- Nicole Kilmer 

"You (Paul) are obviously an experienced musician, which so many voice teachers have never been. You bring valuable experience to the table!"
- John Henny (highly regarded vocal coach, owner of John Henny Music Academy in Gledora, Ca.)

"I recommend taking voice lessons with Paul because it will definitely be worth your money. He makes it simple for me and is a good teacher who knows what he's doing. "
- Nick Mineno 

"He's a great guy - very knowledgeable, very dedicated... I am extremely proud that Paul Tauterouff is my protege. I highly recommend him if you are looking for vocal training, you want to expand your range, the power, the quality, the stamina of your voice. Go to Paul. He will take care of you."
-Eli Prinsen (Lead singer of Sacred Warrior, The Sacrificed, and Inventor of Hybrid Vocal Technique)


NOTE: New Students Only


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