10 Group Classes for Pilates Training at The Pilates Salon

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Up for auction is 10 Group Classes for Pilates Training at The Pilates Salon


Located at 3660 George F Highway in Endwell! This is good for any pilates group classes.

Pilates is the ultimate sculpting exercise regime. All areas of the body will show vast improvement, including better posture, increased flexibility and body awareness, and a trimmer appearance. 
Targeting the obliques, transverse abdominus (the deepest layer of the abdominals), rectus abdominus (more commonly known as the "six-pack"), and the lower abdominals will flatten the belly, tighten the region between the pubic bone and the navel, and cinch the waist making you look trimmer and thinner. As a bonus, having strong abdominal muscles will eliminate chronic lower back pain.
Specifically targeting the triceps will erase the flabby look of the underarm. Working the pectorals (the muscles underneath the breasts) will lift the breasts, taking the weight off the shoulders and upper back. Strengthening the back muscles will prevent kyphosis, which is a curvature of the upper back, commonly known as "humpback". Toning the legs will trim the thighs, define the calves, and lift the buttocks.
Overall, Pilates will make your cardio workouts more effective because dense, lean muscle burns calories at a high rate. You will feel better, stand taller, and have more energy.


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