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Why is our Laser so gentle and virtually painless on the skin as well as skin of color and tanned skin?

The laser’s unique 0.65msec pulse duration is shorter than the thermal relaxation time of the skin tissue, so the energy passes through the skin quickly and does not overheat the epidermal melanin. When treating skin of color, this provides new levels of efficacy as well as safety by avoiding pigmentary risk. Also, because skin cooling is not necessary during treatment (no stinging cryogen sprays or gels), the handpiece of the laser does not contact the skin – thereby reducing treatment time in a hygienic procedure while eliminating the irritating skin contact and pain of other laser technologies.


Laser Treatment can be used on:

Nails & Feet
Wrinkles/ Photo-Rejuvenation
Hair Removal
Ingrown Hairs ( PFB’s)
Spider Veins
Pigmented Lesions
Acne Vulgaris
Cutaneous Lesions

Our overall health has a direct impact on our aging process as well as our outward appearance. Living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of the body is a process that can be learned by anyone with a desire to stay young and fit for life. At Ageless Medicine, we offer services such as medically-supervised weight loss as well as the latest techniques in skin rejuvenation. Our services are available for both women and men.

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